Suitable for Children between the ages of 6-11

A fun-filled introductory course to the performing arts, the Performing Arts BootCamp seeks to grow your child's confidence while giving them a taste of music, dance and drama. Over two days, your child will learn the basics of performance in a safe, creative environment. With the guidance of our capable and qualified instructors, they will be able to nurture their inner Aretha Franklin, Justin Timberlake, or Jennifer Lawrence, all while having a ball of a time. It's time to get that bathroom balladeer out of the bathroom and onto the stage!

Course Objectives
•    To introduce children to the different aspects of the creative arts
•    To have them gain self-confidence through performing
•    To allow the children to express themselves through the fundamentals of performance
•    To encourage teamwork as they learn to work with each other

Day 1 (8th Sep 2014)

Music (3 hrs)
-    Jill
-    Vocal warm ups
-    Vocal Skills (Breathing, Diction, Rhythm, Pitching)
-    Learning to listen
-    Performance etiquette and Stage presence

Lunch Break

Acting (3 hrs) – Munah Bagharib
-    Breaking the Ice between you and I/Getting our bodies fired up
-    Basic Stage Craft
-    What's in a voice (Diction, Enunciation, Articulation & Presentation)
-    What's in a Character (Understanding character creation & development)
-    Who, What, When, When, Where, Why & How
-    Scene Work

Day 2 (9th Sep 2014)

Dance (3 hrs)
–    Gino Flordeliza Babagay
-    Physical warm ups
-    What is a body
-    What is choreography
-    Learning the choreography

Lunch Break

Rehearsals (3 hrs)
-    Andrew Lua
-    Piecing the performance together
-    Rehearsals

Showcase (1 hr)
-    Showcasing to the process
-    Showcasing the performance